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Kaylee’s Kombat Benefit!

Good morning everyone! So as everyone probably knows I am on Facebook and most social media 80% of my day and I enjoy it which is why it’s my job. However, this one of those things no one likes to see happening and not something I exactly like to have to post about, however we are excited to support and help out. We are a family-orientated store and 99% of the people that walk in the door we know by name, we take a lot of pride into knowing our customers and most of their families.

I would like to introduce you to Ms. Kaylee Paulson. She is a vibrant young lady who has just completed her 3rd year at Johnson and Whales and has also maintained a 3.9 GPA. In May, they found Kaylee has Stage 4 Lymphoma over her whole body. At this point Kaylee is undergoing chemo treatments with hopes that after her last treatment in September she will enter remission. After that last treatment in September, Kaylee has 6 weeks and then another test. If she does not enter remission at this time, she will be headed to Boston for stem-cell transplants. You would never know it talking to Kaylee though! She is nothing short of high spirits and smiles.

Kaylee and her mom, Mary, have put together a benefit to help support Kaylee. If anyone is interested in attending, helping out, or donating please contact the store or email us and we can give you all the info!