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What a gorgeous start to this awesome week! 85 degress?!?! Feels like heaven out there! Time for BBQ’s, good company, and some cold brews. I am happy to report that the remodeling is making process. We are preparing a new ‘Silver and Gift’ Room. There are so many great collections, pieces, and designers out there that one room is just not enough! So we are kicking Bob out of his office, well just moving it, and taking over that whole side space. This will give us plenty of room to showcase all of our great silver lines (maybe even add a couple) and open up the main showroom for colored stone pieces, expanding our men’s fashion, and to make plenty of room for our growing, one-of-a-kind diamond pieces! Stop in and take a look or browse some of our lines right here!! Any questions? Shoot us an email, stop on in, or give us a call.