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New promo’s!!!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, whether its vacationing or just relaxing. You’ve heard me talk about our expansion and now we have gotten quite a few new things to fill it!! While in Boston we did a lot of work!! We are completely re-doing our diamond section. The new display will be complete with an interactive I-Pad and some great new options for the brides out there. We have also picked a new pearl vender and have a ton of new inventory being shipped to us. Also, has anyone heard of Endless? Well it is all the rage in the UK and is scheduled to hit the US in August and we will have it! It will be exclusive in Westfield to our store. Keep an eye out for all the new pieces! I have also put our social media and email into high gear. There are going to be a bunch of new promo’s to help you get some great prizes! I am also going to start an e-mail blast. It will be sent out no more then once a month (I hate companies that send an email every day!), it will have new inventory and the newest promo along with some funny stuff to just keep you up-to-date. We all have hectic lives and sometimes just can’t make it in. So if you’re interested in any of the things previously mentioned send me an email and let me know!